“I need my son to be exposed, not isolated. To be empowered by understanding and empathy, not entitled by privilege and prejudice.”

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A Disturbing Nature

When FBI Chief Investigator Francis Palmer and Maurice Lumen’s paths collide, a dozen young women are already dead – bodies strewn in the woods across southern New England. Crippled by the loss of their families and haunted by mistakes, they wrestle with skeletons and ghosts neither understands. Who is destined to pay for the sins of their fathers and who will pay for their own?


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About Brian

One month after The Beatles arrived, with much fanfare, in America, Brian Lebeau was born, unceremoniously, in Fall River, Massachusetts, home of the infamous Lizzie Borden. After being awarded an “A” in high school English once and denied a career in music for “lack of talent” repeatedly, he taught economics at several colleges and universities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, including Bryant College, before moving to Fauquier County, Virginia, to work as a defense contractor for two decades. 

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